• Project O - soundtrack for their video artwork Saved.

  • Caroline Bergvall - multi-channel text-sound composition for her performance Ragadawn.



  • Project O - soundtrack for dance performance Voodoo (also used in Project O's work Native Instincts:Psychic Labours).

  • Jordan Mckenzie / London Gay Men's Chorus / The Freud Museum - choral work for Shame Chorus project.

  • Project O - two pieces for contemporary dance performance SWAGGA.

  • Cubitt Gallery / Lux / Rachel Reupke - Musical response to two films by experimental filmmaker Stephanie Beroes, performed live at Cafe OTO, London.


  • Cubitt Gallery - composition and recording for Turner Prize-nominated video artist James Richards, for gallery installation.

  • Brighton Photo Fringe - soundscape (editing and production) for exhibition by Anthony Luvera.

  • Evi Tsiligaridou - original soundtrack to short film On Your Feet, Woman!

  • Louise Chandler - original soundtrack to short film Bodylines.


  • Move Movie / Katell Quillévéré - original soundtrack to feature film Suzanne.

  • Scottish Film - live score to the silent feature film Häxan, performed at Filmhouse Edinburgh, Dundee Contemporary Arts and Glasgow Film Theatre as part of the BFI's Gothic Season.

  • London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival - live score to the silent feature film Salomé, performed at the BFI Southbank, London.

  • Andrea Zarza Canova - beat programming for Sonic Time Capsule piece on Radio Reina Sofia.


  • Electra - new composition performed for The Wire magazine's John Cage centenary concert series Cage Rattling.

  • Charlotte Cooper - composition of anthem for the Fattylympics.

  • Charles Chintzer Lai - original soundtrack to short film Blue Monday.